GIVE A LISTEN        These are some of the finest snare drums on the market made by the great David Huether. Beautiful and supremely artistic craftsmanship. (of course they sound great).   My Church home. A great church family               Mike is a very soulful songwriter/lyricist and plays great guitar out of charlotte,NC        Great Saxophonist and clarinetist. great sound, great improviser and composer. Also an author of instructional/method books.    Great Canadian rock band ( by way of Maryland) led by two brothers. Should be more famous- play each show as if it is their last. Great songs.         Ben is one of my very favorite musicians. No one quite plays/writes like Ben does.    My first guitar teacher. A brilliant guitarist who made me think I could play music for a living.              A great musician and teacher. Does both with tremendous grace and passion. I would bet that no one in the Baltimore/DC area has taught jazz guitar to more people than Paul.